Hi, I'm Rafat Alkhatib.

A product designer, cartoonist, and entrepreneur from Jordan. Currently live in Columbus, Ohio.

I hold a degree in Software and Telecom engineering, and I worked for +4 years in this field, due the fact I was raised in an artistic family, I have always carried passion for art, and as a result I do practice political art.

In 2016, I was lucky enough to start my business, running this business has taught me about Marketing, Business Model, Product Life cycle, and product Design, and it was the latter that inspired me to switch my career to UX Design.

This is me Standing

+5 Years of experience

Ever since 2017, I have worked in agencies, product companies and solved problems for business in Dubai, Kuwait, the US, and Sweden, tackling different industries and sectors. Beside my full time roles, I was freelancing for clients in the MENA region where I shipped successful products supported by a bilingual design systems.  

During my journey, my main focus  has been  shaped around the areas of Interaction Design, Product Experience, Growth Design, Strategy, Marketing, & Data Analytics. 

I am obsessed with system thinking, data analytics, growth experimentation, while I tend to focus more on the overall vision, strategy, and big picture, I give huge attention to accessibility and inclusive design.


I am more into startups due to my career history, and happy to wear multiple hats, however, I do not mind to engage with mid to large corp where roles are clearly defined. I am open to tackle new challenges within new problem spaces where I can build new skills, engage with bigger teams, and ship to bigger consumers base.

Top Skills & Focus
Customer development, Business model validation, market and User research, Data modeling, Competitive Analysis, BCG matrix, User Interface, Interaction Design, Design Systems, Webflow Design, Native Mobile Design.

Industries & Sectors
Journalism, Media & Human Rights, Internet, Education, Statups, E Commerce, Creator economy, Art & Crafts, Travel & Tourism.

Give back to the community.

In 2019, I started to push UX stories on instagram for the sake of helping newbies understand the complex definitions of UX design in a simpler way.  By publishing these stories, I have contributed to Medium and Quora. These stories along with my mentorship helped many to kickstart their career in the field. You can see some stories here or here.

Facts About me

First thing first, my name is رافت not رفعت
I speak fast when I am excited, in fact, no one understands something.
My profession was a network engineer but later I decided that UX design is the thing I want to do.
Regardless the fact that I was
born in July, my favorite
number is 7.
I'm not waiting for
a motivation, I believe in commitment.
I have watched
Gladiator 5 times.
If I had one hour to live, I would spend it in reading